here’s how it works:

hillsideprforweb * First, get on the email list:

I’ll send out an email with information about the next exchange about a week in advance.

It’s always on a SATURDAY.

* If you’d like to participate, REPLY to the email by THURSDAY before the exchange at NOON letting me know what FRUITS,

VEGETABLES, HERBS, FLOWERS and other interesting things (baked goods?  Jam?)  you’ll have to contribute.

Even if you don’t have anything in season, you can still participate by volunteering to bag or deliver!

*Location and final details will be emailed to participants (those who respond to the email) by Friday morning.

* Then on the exchange day Saturday, participants drop off their labeled harvest before NOON. Bagging volunteers arrive at 12:30, when we will redistribute the goods into reusable cloth bags. Finally, delivery volunteers arrive at 2:30 and deliver the ultra-deluxe fantastic-farmers’-

market-style bags of produce to that month’s participants- all for FREE!

* Question – How much produce should I contribute?

* Answer – Whatever you have “extra.”  I am happy to spread around anything you have that you won’t be able to use yourself, whether that’s 60 pounds of grapefruit, a shopping bag full of rosemary, or a handful of grapes!

* Question – Do all members get a bag each month?

* Answer – No.  Happily, The Hillside Produce Cooperative has too many members for that to work – there would never be enough food!  All participants get a bag.  That means everyone who responds to the email and contributes something that month will get a free big bag of food.

* Question – Can I donate my extra produce and not take a bag?

* Answer – Absolutely. Thank you for your generosity!

* Question – Can I drop off my produce on Thursday or Friday?

* Answer – Nope.  I don’t have anyplace to store it.  But participants are welcome to drop off anytime on the appointed Saturday during the twelve hour window from 12:01 AM to 12:00 PM!

* Question – I forgot to respond to the email!  Can I still participate?

* Answer – Unfortunately no.  It takes a lot of planning to figure out how many participants and how much produce we will have vs. how many bagging volunteers and delivery people we will need each month.  But not to worry, if you miss the Thursday email deadline you can either donate your harvest without taking a bag in return or we’ll just look forward to seeing you next month!

* Question – Are all volunteers guaranteed to work?

* Answer – Well, it all depends.  Some months there are only a handful of members contributing food and several dozen members who’d like to volunteer to bag and deliver.   But I’ll let volunteers know for sure whether or not they’ll be needed by Friday morning before the Saturday exchange.

* Question – I don’t live in North East Los Angeles, can I still participate?

* Answer – YES!  Either see our page “A Chapter Near You” to find a co-op in your area – OR if there isn’t one yet, you can still exchange with us.  The only addendum is you have to pick up your own bag at 2:30.


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