how it works

We currently use an easy-on-the-organizer system of exchange I call “Drop n Swap.” It works like this:

Bring a bag and your contribution (whatever delicious homegrown, homemade food stuffs you’d like to share – doesn’t matter how little or how much) to my house in Glassell Park 90065 on the appointed Saturday morning. I will have boxes and blankets in my living room to lay the food in and upon. Put like things with like things (ie. lemons with lemons, flowers with flowers, eggs with eggs, etc). Then at 11:00 we will circle the collective “pile” twice, filling our bags with what we like until everything is gone. The entire exchange lasts no longer than 30 minutes.

what if nothing grows in your yard?

Or you don’t have a yard? You can still participate.  Donate what you have.  If you’re very tall or dexterous, you can help by harvesting.  If you have computer skills, you can help by working on the website.  If you know about growing things, you can help by planning or planting a garden. If you’re a great cook, you can help by canning or sauce making.  If you have ties to the city, you can help by appropriating unused land for growing.  If you’re a journalist, you can help by spreading the word.