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The Hillside Produce Cooperative is a community of neighbors who –

would like to promote: 

  • Neighborhood cohesion
  • Sharing
  • Cooking delicious dishes using the freshest and most local food
  • Spending time outside
  • Walking
  • Getting to know each other a little
  • Generosity
  • A moneyless, dibs-less system. Free means free

and would like to eliminate: 

  • Waste
  • Over-ripe fruit rotting and rolling down the hill
  • Gas used to go to and from the market
  • Diesel fuel used to truck and fly in produce from other countries
  • Plastic bags used to carry produce home
  • Pesticides and preservatives
  • Money spent for food unnecessarily

All of our swaps are located in North East Los Angeles, CA.  

To join, please email

For additional information about our swaps and to interact with our community, join our Facebook Group!