poor hynden’s collard greens

10273765_372540126219873_6238172430486261064_nWhat’s better than a big boiling pot of greens?

Rinse garden fresh collards from the co-op and roll up like you’re making Cuban cigars.

Make a cut every inch or so to make green strips, or strips of greens.

Cut up:

1-2 spring onions – from the co-op

a few garlic chives – from the co-op (supplement plain ole garlic and onions as needed)

2 pieces of high quality bacon (See below!)

Sizzle the bacon in your big old pot. Add the onion and garlic along with a wee drizzle of EVO.

Throw in some red pepper flakes. How many?  How hot do you want it?

Add coarse salt and black pepper – from the co-op.

Now add the collards and stir like it’s going out of style.

Finally add the tiniest spoon of vinegar. Probably don’t use anything flavored. (shudder.)

Now add the liquid –

I use water.  And just enough to cover.

If you want to – add a ham hock here (see meat link below!) – and the tiniest spoon of sugar.

Simmer for a good time.  Or – for a good time, simmer.

Check and add liquid as needed.  Oh, the lovely pot liquor you will have at the end!